Ella Fitzgerald - Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!
Reminiscing on one of the harder stretches in the 100 Albums challenge
Anakin - Randome Accessed Memories
In which we recap the rest of the first 50 albums in the 100 Days Project.
The Daily Soundtrack Facebook
We've still been on the job, even if we haven't been logging the hours. Check in and see how to interact with Phase II.
Pushing my personal limits in metal with a full EP from one of the smaller subgenres.
It's healthy to find new music that excites you. Just be sure to remember what makes it exciting.
Tom Tom Club - Tom Tom Club
Who needs to think when your feet just go? For starters, a little thought could have made the Tom Tom Club's first offering truly shine.
Erykah Badu - Baduizm
Always be looking forward, and when you finally get forward, always start looking back
The Darkness - Last Of Our Kind
The Darkness have always made a good case for being the last of a breed: in a way, they confirm it here by switching breeds.
Curtis Mayfield - Curtis
We're all apparently doomed, but if this is the soundtrack it will at least be a nice trip.
Sometimes we need to remember change is good, but sometimes something is so good that you just want more of it without the change.

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