David Bowie – Fill Your Heart

Hunky Dory
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Literally any music over the last 40 years
With a new album set to breathe new life into the legacy of a legend, we cannot adequately explain how gutted we are to lose him.
Scott Weiland - 12 Bar Blues
Scott Weiland, Lead Singer of Stone Temple Pilots, passed away the other day. We're sort of torn up over this.
Rage, rage, against the dying of the summer: we have your grilling theme for 2015 just in time to save you from the change of seasons.
A band doesn't need to be your favorite to represent an era of your life.
Like the cicadas, the swallows, and Kiss farewell tours, we can always count on Weird Al to return. What makes his returns so enduring is less clear.
Keeping hope alive may have finally paid off after 20 years for a creative '90s obscurity and their devoted fan base.
Great music can perfectly encapsulate even the most trying moments in history. It can be gut-wrenching, however, when they still apply 50 years later.
As we enter phase 2.0 of The Daily Soundtrack, it's time to reflect on our mission statement: one which was arguably written nearly 20 years ago.
ABC Messages
Remember the anticipation of waiting through the commercials on Saturday morning? This will be like that, but more blog-based.
Sometimes we need a pep talk from our past selves, even when it's hard to ignore what has happened since.

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