Big Wreck – That Song

In Loving Memory Of
Year :
Chris Cornell / King's X / Econoline Crush
As we enter phase 2.0 of The Daily Soundtrack, it's time to reflect on our mission statement: one which was arguably written nearly 20 years ago.
ABC Messages
Remember the anticipation of waiting through the commercials on Saturday morning? This will be like that, but more blog-based.
Sometimes we need a pep talk from our past selves, even when it's hard to ignore what has happened since.
Armed Forces Elvis Costello
This gem from the "real" Elvis calls to mind family, wizards, and British military history in 3 minutes of pop pleasure. Spin it twice.
If songs were people, this one is definitely hiding in your bushes with binoculars. Listen at your own risk.
You know what, Japan? We're not even going to act shocked anymore. You win the crazy competition.
If you've been hungry for something a bit different, or just for some apples, we may just have an existentialist and absurdist cartoon tailor made for you.
The human brain is amazing, but that doesn't mean it will allow you to pass History.
How do we cope with those we have lost? Better yet, how would we reconnect if we ever got them back?

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