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  • Like the cicadas, the swallows, and Kiss farewell tours, we can always count on Weird Al to return. What makes his returns so enduring is less clear.
  • Keeping hope alive may have finally paid off after 20 years for a creative '90s obscurity and their devoted fan base.
  • As we enter phase 2.0 of The Daily Soundtrack, it's time to reflect on our mission statement: one which was arguably written nearly 20 years ago.
  • Remember the anticipation of waiting through the commercials on Saturday morning? This will be like that, but more blog-based.
  • If you've been hungry for something a bit different, or just for some apples, we may just have an existentialist and absurdist cartoon tailor made for you.
  • It is a fact universally acknowledged that nu-metal pioneers are always to be trusted. In light of recent comments, we look back at one's credentials.