Matthew Belair (@14Belair42) grew up on the classic rock of his parents and the 90s alt-rock of his older sister before discovering other genres to love, all of which are cool, hip, and in no way embarrassing to admit publicly.

Jeff Bennet (@JeffBennet) goes with Drake any time someone asks him who his favorite band or artist is, because he has this personality flaw where he needs to be all things to all people.

listens to music at, pretty much, every waking minute (unless his wife complains). In between mountain climbs and backpacking trips, he'll chat with you about music... while making you some mean blueberry pancakes.

(@YahSureMan) is the Founder of The Daily Soundtrack and Bark Attack Media. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

(@JJoyceL) had her hips first shake to mainstream 80's music. Since then, she's developed an ear for many other genres, but still remains an awkward dancer.

Alex Lupica (@Alex_Soundtrack) has been in love with music since he was a toddler, despite its infidelities. (Really, music? Nu-metal? How could you!). Alex is Editor-in-Chief at The Daily Soundtrack.

Otterbuss likes to frolic and play in the ocean while listening to his favorite tunes. While swimming for his life to evade an Orca whale or some other predator, he prefers energetic rock or rap. If he's just floating on his back and eating shell fish in the sun, he prefers to just chill and listen to something a little more relaxing.

Terri Rodriguez (@northeastshorty) is a self-proclaimed internettie, writer, artist, music and politics junkie, and craft beer lover interested in exploring the food/beer industry. If you see her around Providence she's likely clinking glasses, making jokes, singing songs, and/or causing trouble... the good kind only. Promise... Find her at