Atmosphere – Sunshine

Sad Clown Bad Summer No. 9
Year :
Aesop Rock / Brother Ali / Kendrick Lamar

We’ve all been there. Sometimes “I’ll just have one” turns into a night of memories you know you had, but will forever struggle to recall. Awakening the next day, a general feeling of awfulness serves as a lingering reminder of your overindulgence. Fortunately, while you sit on your couch piecing the night together and struggling to find your dignity, one conscientious rapper has concocted an anthem to keep you company. While it may not make your insides feel normal again, you can take comfort in knowing other people have experienced the pain you’re enduring and that, yes, eventually it will subside.

With a cheery beat setting the tone for unexpectedly introspective lyrics, veteran underground rapper Slug begins with an almost comical recounting of a morning that we can all sympathize with. Yet when abruptly confronted with a new day and the potential it brings, Atmosphere’s lyrics cease to dwell on last night’s consequences and instead optimistically embrace the unlimited possibilities of what may come.

I love this song, not just because I can relate to it (which I certainly can—I’ve been known to have an IPA or two between cracking clams on my stomach), but because I interpret the lyrics to convey the message that the past is not in fact necessarily prologue. (Sorry, Shakespeare). Yesterday’s mistakes can be absolved by a new sunrise and in the words of Collie Buddz, “tomorrow’s another day.” The message of future potential and the lyrical description of a bad day evolving into a good one make this a personal favorite for both regretful mornings and idyllic summer afternoons.

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