Erika Scheimer and Noam Kaniel – I Have the Power

He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword
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Human League / Erasure / Skeletor

As a child, He-Man was my jam. I based friendships and rivalries over who had a better Masters of the Universe action figure collection even at age four. I religiously watched the cartoon. As a child I had a cardboard and tinfoil sword. As an adult, I attempted a full-blown Orko costume (which my mother took apart and resewed after calling me at work to mock my poor seamstress skills… I have an odd family dynamic). Of course, it was only a matter of time before I picked up some of the old series on DVD, because us kids of the ’80s have a deadly nostalgia fetish. This post isn’t about the start of my childhood obesity and indoctrination into the consumer culture, though. It’s about my sister.

I have been graced with a largely awesome, usually sensible sister. We often share a sense of humor and taste for the ridiculous, so when I bought the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special on DVD (come on now, you knew I did that), she inevitably watched it too. It’s as cheesy a half-hour of Christmas schmaltz as there is, and yet, the DVD extras make it seem downright respectable by including today’s little gem, the end theme from the special He-Man and She-Ra episode “The Secret of the Sword.” Is that a love song apparently sung by He-Man to his sister? It appears so! But before you get the wrong impression, you sickos, allow me to share a brief conversation between my sis and her then-boyfriend upon viewing this nugget, straight from her own internet mouth:

Dave: People have songs right?
Emily: Some people do yes.
Dave: Do we have one?
Emily: Not that I know of.
Dave: Can this be our song?
Emily: Haha sure

What happens next? My sister is getting married tomorrow, which is admittedly something I don’t totally understand in the best of situations. It’s doubly weird because it’s my sister. There’s gotta be a support group for aging siblings who are forced to realize how old they are, right?

Good luck kids. I expect to hear this at the reception.

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