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So I’ve moved from Florida to New York City. I consider it a brave move. Before that, the closest I’d been to The City was, well, my conception in Jersey. #TMI #NBD

Florida is not the place I usually like to rep. As a military child, I like to joke and say that I’m from everywhere, but in particular, Las Vegas. But since I’ve moved to this small island carrying a grand world, I gotta brag a little about the “swagger” I’ve developed since departing from the south… Renting a room for a grand a month ain’t no shock to me. I’m past the point of being going bananas trying to cope with the pace of the New York minute.  And yes, it gives me great pleasure to give attitude right back at those idiots in my way! Not that I look forward to it or anything.

But, I’ve also realized that I’ve grown to be a bit pretentious. (GASP!) It’s hard not to be! There are the classic signs: Thrift shopping, for instance, and listening to Vampire Weekend before you knew who they were. You remind people to respect the classics. Every word that tumbles out of your mouth is dripping with witty sarcasm. But in the city, it’s an attitude you grow to love. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun.

Earlier this month, on the sixth day to Christmas my true love (me) gave to me the gift of vegging out over an indie movie. Add to the list above–wait for it–watching said indie movie with the captions on (almost thereee) to catch the title of the rad indie song in the soundtrack. It’s one of those songs that goes on about things that suck, but in such a cheerful way, perfect for looking ahead to the next approaching year. If that’s you, mentally raise your hand. Fresh starts… who doesn’t need one? And this little song threw me into a car and drove me out of Writers Block–it was that damn fresh.

Harlem Shakes (the band, that is) were stylish yet fleeting. Formed in New York 2006, they disbanded in 2009 before reaching the attention they’re worthy of. They finally received that attention (sort-of) early this year, when the internet imploded with dance craze of the same name. Though it was hilarious at first, it got damn right scary as everyone, and I mean everyone, shared videos of themselves doing this wacky dance. As people began to question if the band from the beyond was to blame, it put the Shakes back on the radar. Some 20,000 people flocked to the inactive twitter account of an inactive band. Guys, we truly do miss you.

“Strictly Game,” their only single, is about avoiding problems by staying on the low. It’s about facing challenges and working through the same ol’ grind… and dealing with idle hands. It’s about being annoyed by the same old music and the unnecessary attitude, of getting sick of being in the crowd and growing tired of being alone.

Make a little money, take a lot of shit
Feel real bad, then get over it

With a video that gets better with each passing second (you might not realize what you’re seeing at first), this is a the tune for the optimist.

This will be a better year!

You may feel like you’re getting older, pushing against boulders. But stay game. Keep that chin up, stick it out. And if you get knocked down, get up again, nobody’s going to keep you down. (I’m sorry, I seem to building a theme of referencing songs within songs.) But, it’s one of those songs that pumps you up, or brightens you up at least. It’s there to help you up in the life’s boxing ring.

8 million people walk on the gritty streets of The City, using their pain as fuel. And with this song, I remind you you’re not alone.

If life gives you lemons, then thus god bade.
Put a little bit of the bitter in your pink lemonade.


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