The Roots – Radio Daze [feat. Blu, P.O.R.N. and Dice Raw]

How I Got Over
Year :
Pharoahe Monch / Talib Kweli / Mos Def

And the radio daze kept us in the dark
And the satellite age brings us to the light
Some feeling the pinch, some feeling the bite
They ain’t ready to talk, they’re ready to fight
Never leave you alone
(Never, never leave you alone
Never, never leave you alone)

I love technology. It pays my bills. It allows me to practice a modern day trade. I create things with technology. It enhances my music collection and allows me to keep friendships alive over hundreds of miles. But holy crap do I hate technology.

My iPhone is a modern miracle and total curse. I struggle on a daily basis to compartmentalize various aspects of my life and simply be where I am at any given moment. And, without fail, at about seven-minute intervals, something demands my attention. I use the word “demand” deliberately. I, and countless others like me, live in a world of non-stop interruptions.

It’s a strange idea for the generations that came before me. To the outside observer, I must look like I’m somehow obsessed with my devices. “Just ignore it,” they I’m often told. “It can wait.”

No, it can’t.

I would like nothing more than to have the option to ignore the never-ending string of pings. But, what’s hard for pre-internet generations to grasp is that the world has shifted. Expectationts have shifted. There are responsibilities and obligations on the other end of the wire. Life won’t wait.

The Roots get it. “Radio Daze,” for all it’s weariness, is a wonderful bit of commiseration for those of us suffering from this very particular, generational, affliction.

Eventually, I’m moving to the mountains, well out of the reach of cell phone towers. Great song, but sorry, Roots. I but I’m filing this one under “songs I don’t want to need anymore.”

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